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3,000 traditional chiefs

The climate fight by ancestral powers

guardians of sacred climatic forests


3,3 Mha

Restoration & preservation

100 MtCO2

Sequestered / avoided

1,44 Mha

Family micro farms

2,5 M inhab

End poverty

3,000 traditional chiefs guardians of sacred climatic forests

3KTC is an innovative project, merging photographic art with finTech, to finance community projects for the preservation and restoration of forests, poverty reduction and acceleration of the SDGs in peri-forest communities.
It consists of raising participatory funds through the sale of NFT and physical portraits to be injected into the greening of rural economies.
The 3KTC project contributes to the realization of the
1 billion trees program of President TSHISEKEDI.

Summary 3KTC


Climate change, poverty, deforestation, loss of lands, lack of funding



Stop & reverse deforestation, greening the rural economy, finance by NFTs photo art



ACMA (Alliance climatique 1 milliard d’arbres), (MACC) Marché Communautaire carbone, (DEEU Planet) Defi Environmentally Efficient Unit

1 billion trees

President TSHISEKEDI’s five-year climate-poverty program aimed at restoring 3Mha, avoiding 1Mha of deforestation and conserving 10Mha of high ecological value area

3KTC collection

3KTC Partners